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A Successful 2023 KY District Conference | New Officers & Competition Winners

The Alpha Beta Lambda and Epsilon Chi Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha hosted the 2023 KY District Conference at the University of Kentucky. The Conference convened on Friday February 24, and concluded on Saturday February 25, 2023. Some 97 Alpha Men from all across the Commonwealth converged on The Conference Site in Lexington, KY.

Notably, the conference was attended by current candidates for General President of Alpha Phi Alpha and for Midwest Regional Vice President. The Conference offered insight into the future of The Kentucky District through the quality of dialogue and the impressiveness of the brothers who attended.

The Conference elected a New District Director and a New Assistant District Director along with a host of other awards outlined below.

Congratulations to our newly elected officers for the 2023 - 24 year:

District Director-Elect - Bro. Gerry Harris (Alpha Beta Lambda Chapter)

Assistant District Director-Elect - Bro. Prince Chenou (Alpha Pi Chapter)

**Based on the ADD vacancy created by Bro. Pierre's graduation, Bro. RVP Stovall has officially appointed Bro. Chenou as our Interim Assistant District Director through the convention when he is officially sworn in to begin his full term. Congratulations to Bro. ADD Chenou!**

Conference Award Winners:

College Brother of the Year - Brother Ni'Kerrion McDonald (Alpha Pi)

College Chapter of the Year - Alpha Pi

Alumni Brother of the Year - Brother Cecil Brookins (Alpha Lambda)

Alumni Chapter of the Year - Alpha Lambda

Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest - Brother Bryson Fields (Epsilon Chi)

District Miss Black and Gold - Ms. Brianna Williams (3.981 GPA)

College Chapter w/ Highest GPA - Rho Gamma (3.561)

We encourage Brothers to move on up higher by attending the Midwest Regional Convention in March, held this year in Columbus, Ohio.

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Congratulation Brothers... on a very successful District Conference.

Brother Dixon

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