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Register For the 2024 KY District Conference and Book Your Hotel All Online, Now!

By now, you know that the 2024 Ky District Conference is scheduled for Friday, February 23, and Saturday, February 24, 2024, in Paducah, Kentucky, Hosted by the Sigma Xi Lambda Chapter. We are excited to meet brothers at the 2024 District Conference to discuss the unique opportunities available to the District, Chapter, and Region.

The Success of the Conference lies in Brothers coming together under the leadership of Brother District Director Gerry Harris and Brother Assistant District Director Prince Chenou. With new leadership at the District and Regional levels of our esteemed Fraternity, we must prepare to make our mark and have our unique voices heard and this begins with the District Conference in 2024.

Essential changes are looming for our Great Fraternity, with the election of a New General President on the horizon and a Constitutional Convention planned for July 2024. The District Conference is a call for all Brothers To The Floor!

To Answer The District Director's Call,

2024 KY District Conference Announcement Icon

2.) Book Your Room at the Conference Hotel: Courtyard Marriott Paducah, KY

The hotel rate expires on Friday, January 26, 2024, so book your room now

The2024 KY District Conference

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